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Heiress for Hire In This Stunning Series Debut From New York Times Bestselling Author Madeline Hunter, A Duke S Mysterious Bequest Brings Fortune And Passion To Three Young Women Minerva Hepplewhite Has Learned The Hard Way How To Take Care Of Herself When An Intruder Breaks Into Her Home, She Doesn T Swoon Or Simper Instead, She Wallops The Rogue Over The Head And Ties Him Up Only To Realize He Is Chase Radnor, The Man Who Nearly Got Her Convicted Of Her Late Husband S Murder Now, He S Insisting That Minerva Has Inherited A Fortune From His Uncle, A Wealthy Duke Only One Thing Could Surprise Her Her Sudden Attraction To This Exasperating Man Chase Can T Decide Whether Minerva Is A Wronged Woman Or A Femme Fatale Either Way, He S Intrigued Since The Scandal Surrounding Her Husband S Death, She Has Set Up A Discreet Detective Business To Rival Chase S Own She May Be The Perfect Person To Help Him Uncover The Truth About His Uncle S Demise But As Proximity Gives Way To Mutual Seduction, Chase Realizes He Craves A Much Deeper Alliance

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    I ve given this a B at AAR.Madeline Hunter s new series, A Duke s Heiress , opens with Heiress for Hire, a nicely done combination of romance and cosy mystery in which a young widow is left a large sum of money by a man a duke, no less she never met There s also a mystery to be solved surrounding the duke s death was

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    The first in a new series by this seasoned author which follows the change in the destinies of three women as they each unexpectantly inherit sizable fortunes bequeathed to them by a recently departed duke known in life for his eccentricities Chase Radnor is the nephew of the late duke and cousin of his successor As an active p

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    I enjoyed this book though I am not sure what stands out to me I liked the characters and the way their lives entwine Generally, Hunter s writing style suits my tastes.Chase is the grandson of a recently deceased duke and is investigating the circumstances of his death and trying to locate the unanticipated benefactresses the Duke left m

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    I found this to be worth the read I ve had a fondness for Madeline Hunter s work for years and, although that fondness has lessened over the years, I like to give her the benefit of the doubt when she begins a new series Sothis isn t a bad read Although done before in various manifestations, the plot held my interest.I ve read HRs with private inv

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    The premise of this book is intriguing a wealth duke dies, leaving a large portion of his fortune to three women totally unknown to his family The focus of this book is Minerva Hepplewhite, one of those women, and Chase Radnor, the duke s nephew, who is investigating the three women and his uncle s suspicious death The mystery of the duke s death plays a bi

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    Review originally published at Romancing RomancesI received an eARC at no cost from the publisher, and I am leaving a voluntary and honest review Thank you.4.25 I ve been a fan of Madeline Hunter s books for a long time, even if her most recent ones haven t always had the charm of her earlier books But this one it was a book that got out of a reading slump I really l

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    Series Duke s Heiress 1Publication Date 4 28 20Number of Pages 304This was a very nice introduction and set up for an interesting new series There is an overarching mystery in the series who murdered the duke We meet the duke s siblings and his nephews and learn enough about each of them to wonder if they could possibly be the murderer We learn evenabout Nicholas and Kevin who

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an e galley of this novel.I suppose this book should be classified as a cliffhanger but I m not so concerned about that as I might normally be since I picked up the book to read knowing it was a trilogy all wrapped around a basic premise A Duke has died and his will reveals that he has left a veritable fortune to three women his family don

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    Chase Radnor s evening is not going as planned His plan was to learnabout Minerva Hepplewhite aka Margaret Finley, it was NOT to be bashed on the head and tied up He tells Minerva that he is the nephew of the late Duke of Hollinburgh and that Minerva Margaret was left a rather large bequest by the duke Ten thousand pounds and a partnership in an investment Minerva is stunned, she has never met th

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    I generally enjoy Madeline Hunter books, although lately I ve been steering clear of some of her older romances, which feature a marriage averse rich guy who tries to seduce the spirited heroine and make her his current mistress, until he realizes she s amazing and marries her instead For the moment, I m over that This book is NOT like that At first the plot seems ridiculous Minerva is a private investigat

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