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Unravel the Dusk The Thrilling Sequel To SPIN THE DAWN, A Magical Series Steeped In Chinese CultureMaia Tamarin S Journey To Sew The Dresses Of The Sun, The Moon And The Stars Has Taken A Grievous Toll She Returns To A Kingdom On The Brink Of War The Boy She Loves Is Gone, And She Is Forced To Don The Dress Of The Sun And Assume The Place Of The Emperor S Bride To Be To Keep The PeaceBut The War Raging Around Maia Is Nothing Compared To The Battle Within Ever Since She Was Touched By The Demon Bandur, She Has Been Changing Glancing In The Mirror To See Her Own Eyes Glowing Red, Losing Control Of Her Magic, Her Body, Her Mind It S Only A Matter Of Time Before Maia Loses Herself Completely, But She Will Stop At Nothing To Find Edan, Protect Her Family, And Bring Lasting Peace To Her CountryYA Fantasy Readers Will Love The Sizzling Forbidden Romance, Mystery, And Intrigue Of UNRAVEL THE DUSK

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    This is good This is better This is soooo sooo much better than the first book My favorite tailor after Coco Chanel is back And she is struggling not to turn into a completely demon to run for any political carriers and keep her gold heart to protect her fami

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    This review is up on my blog Maia did what was thought to be impossible she sewed the three dresses of the sun, the moon and the stars Amana s magical dresses of legend But that came with a steep price And it s only a matter of time before Maia loses everything dear to

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    see my review of book 1, Spin the DawnUnravel the Dusk follows Maia Tamarin after the events of Spin the Dawn I can t describe much of the plot lest I spoil what happens, but Maia is forced to grapple with darkness and cling to her humanity before she becomes something worse The

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    dangggg this cover came out ready to slap everyone with beauty

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    Spin the Dawn Unravel the Dusk This was not what I anticipated at all and I was left with very mixed feelings Despite its flaws, I loved the first installment of this series and was hoping forof the same here Instead, Unravel the Dusk put aside many of the fun and entertaining aspects from that boo

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    WHAT A CLEVER NAMEEEEEEEEE unravel the dusk I have hopes for the cover being fiery and gorgeous Ofcourse, expectations are skyhigh after reading book 1 because holy fuck.UPDATE 1 11 19WE HAVE A COVER OR AT LEAST I SAW IT NOW.MY guess was righhttttttt, it is redddd cannot wait for this an arc would be deadly

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    Asked for this one on Netgalley, December 13, 2019. Still not approved, BUT STILL NOT DECLINED MINE This book is MINE starting July 7th 2020 Asked for this one on Netgalley, December 13, 2019. Still not approved, BUT STILL NOT DECLINED MINE This book is MINE starting July 7th 2020

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    When you get an ARC but realize you don t remember a lot of what happened in the previous bookoops

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    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own.It s official Elizabeth Lim is one of my favorite authors This book killed me I m not kidding I actually cried ACTUAL T E A R S For those of you who don t know me, that s an extremely rare occurrence, especially at something in

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    4 14 20 Ohh, I loved Spin the Dawn so I so pumped for this one The ending really sold me on the sequel Come faster July Also, that cover is otherwordly.

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